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Carbon Black

Vulcogenics produces Carbon Black N330.   The combination of rubber and carbon black has been coined “the marriage of the century” by experts in the rubber and carbon black industries.


Carbon black has been used in various applications for electronics.  As a good conductor of electricity, carbon black is used as a filler mixed in plastics, elastomer, films, adhesives, and paints


Carbon Black enhanced plastics also provide improved UV resistance, increased strength, and a deep black pigment with tunable blue or brown undertones.

Pyrolysis Oil/ Diesel

Tire-derived fuel has one of the highest relative heat contents of any generating fuel.

Steel Wire

Our output is Steel 278 ISRI wireclean, cut to length, and will qualify as Steel #1 busheling, suitable for BOF broad range steel manufacturers, Electric Arc mini mills making Rod and Bar products, and the Export Market.


Carbon Credits

Objectively verifiable Carbon Credit savings are over 1.9 million tons per year.

The traditional method for producing Carbon Black involves  energy-intensive treatment of heavy oil, which has already required significant energy use to extract, refine, and transport. Reclamation avoids the initial 


Our technology uses very low energy to reclaim the carbon black from the end-of-life tires.


Pyrolysis oil represents huge energy savings, as it is a higher quality oil than West Texas Intermediate Crude, and reclaimed through very low energy use without a need for further refinement to be a useful commodity. 

Steel wire which is reclaimed and restreamed into BOF ( Basic Oxygen Furnace) steel manufacturing systems requires only a fraction of the reagents and fluxes required in the initial fabrication. As is it clean and small in size, melting requires only a fraction of the energy needed for such items as auto scrap and rails. In an EAF operation, the smaller and cleaner steel wire requires far less energy to purify and melt.


The diversion of tires away from the possibility of rubbish fires and the reclamation of valuable commodities represents a significant environmental benefit.

Carbon Credits are traded through our representative at NatureBank  (formerly Offsetters).


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